It was 1997

The top selling children’s toys that year were “Bananas In Pajamas,” Barbie’s 50th Anniversary Porcelain doll, Spawn action figures, and Nintendo 64.

Some of the top movies released in 1997 were Titanic, Men In Black and Good Will Hunting.

Some of the top selling CD’s of 1997 included No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom,” The Notorious B.I.G’s “Life After Death,” and Spice Girls, “Spice.”

In 1997, there were 5.84 billion people in the world, 267 million of them living in the US.  OJ Simpson was convicted of murder, and the world lost Princess Diana and Mother Theresa in 1997.

A lot of things happened in 1997 that are still impacting today’s culture.   Well, maybe not Bananas in Pajamas, but when you read these names, can you believe that’s it’s really been 20 years?

1997 saw many great things, and on the list of great things, I’d include the formation of WEN.  While looking over an old copy of the WEN bylaws, there at the bottom was the first edition notation, dated February 1997.  Can you believe, 20 years?  And to think – we have members still active today that have been around since the beginning.

So hold on tight, get ready, and let some nostalgia kick in.  For those who are newer members, let us show you the rich history that WEN has to offer.  For those who are longtime friends, be prepared for the memories to flood back.  In the coming editions of the WEN member’s monthly newsletter and on the blog, we’ll share stories and more.  Maybe have some fun games and prizes thrown in.  More details to come… keep your eyes open…

It’s been an amazing journey, hang on for the ride.

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